Super 8

(PG-13) ★★★☆☆

It’s a good time, this J.J. Abrams-directed, Steven Spielberg-produced movie—a critter picture conjoined with a coming-of-age picture. Joe (Joel Courtney), the young teenage son of a local police officer (Kyle Chandler), is making a zombie movie with his friends in their hilly Ohio steel town. One night while filming a scene on the train platform, an Air Force train derails before their very eyes, some strange boxcar cargo making its presence known. Then the strangeness starts happening.

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The cantankerous sailor-mouthed coot is definitely not someone whom you’d want sitting across from you at Thanksgiving dinner. Which is, naturally, what makes the comedian so hilarious. She repeatedly stirs the cognitive dissonance generated when a stooped old lady weighing not much more than her age carefully eases her way onstage with the help of a four-footed cane, gingerly sits down on a stool in the spotlight, and proceeds to tell the audience the explicit sexual acts she’d like to repeatedly perform on the warm-up comics.