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In a city overloaded with overhyped technology conferences, it’s refreshing to find one emphasizing quality over size. The Digital World Expo, despite its grand and generic name, is a homegrown, well-focused labor of love—the brainchild of local new-media marketing pro Shawn Rorick.

The conference, which premieres Sept. 25-27 at The Mirage Events Center, is more about professional education than airy dazzle. The point is to help advertising, marketing and public relations professionals make the most of their ever-emerging, often-dizzying digital opportunities, from social media to video games to mobile phone advertising.

Rorick, who chairs the Las Vegas Interactive Marketing Association, decided to organize the conference after he noticed how many old-media marketing professionals were coming to Association meetings. “They need to learn this stuff,” he says. “For years, they used to say, ‘Go talk to our tech guy,’ but they can’t get away with that any more.”

The conference ( will cover established media such as the Web, e-mail, Facebook and Twitter, as well as developing technologies like advertising in video games. It also promises surprise demonstrations previewing experimental media opportunities.

“We’re going to stay away from too much broad-scope stuff,” Rorick says, “and get back to a hands-on, how-to instructional series.”

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