A Trip to Graceland cupcake at the Cupcakery

Ask for the bacon cupcake at the Cupcakery and you will be rewarded with an ode to Elvis. A chunky peanut-butter cupcake is topped with a towering dollop of banana frosting. Yes, it could stop there, but since everything is better with bacon—even your cupcake—the frosting is then rolled in crispy real bacon bits and drizzled with honey. $3 each, subject to availability; 7175 W. Lake Mead Blvd., Suite 118; 9680 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 100; and in the Monte Carlo.

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Pop goes the cocktail

Cocktail Culture

Pop goes the cocktail

By Xania V. Woodman

Savory and sweet. That is the yin and yang of the candy world, and nowhere is it better exemplified than in the sweet, corny crunch found in a box of Cracker Jack. Corey Keck, one of I ♥ Burgers’ “Milkshake Girls,” says she makes more than 100 shakes—both regular and spiked—on a typical day. The biggest sellers, she says, are the Chocolate Thunder (a triple-chocolate shake with Phillips Union cherry whiskey and Mozart chocolate liqueur) and the Twisted Caramel Corn, the makings of which employs a puree of fresh, sweet corn and house-made caramel.