Roaming performers: For when your festival just isn’t weird enough

There’s an administrative building here, just right inside where you come in. The main room on the ground floor is glassed in, so anyone walking by can watch performers staging into costumes — you know, your purple octopus here, your green blob thing there.

Every few minutes, a gaggle of performers are released into the wild. It’s like being in The Warriors, except the Baseball Furies are girls, they’re showing a lot of cleavage, they’re carrying disco balls, and they’re not trying to murder you with bats. A marked improvement, really.

In the span of 20 minutes, we saw a mob of Marie Antoinettes, a school of light-up-fish-on-stilts ladies, and the aforementioned disco girls. Kind of awesome, but if we start getting chased down the concourse by the Gramercy Riffs, we won’t hesitate to throw a dude in angel wings between us and them.