Some EDC Do’s and Dont’s

For a real good time...

DO ride the swings by the Main Stage while one of your favorite DJs
is playing. That, my friends, is the true definition of ecstasy.

DON’T do it after taking shots, downing a handful ANY of pills, or eating a fried cheese stick.

DO try the friend cheese stick though, and indulge in all the delicious carnival meets festival food there for your sensory pleasure.

If you’re going to be sick, DON’T do it in public, there’s bathrooms and security everywhere waiting for you.

DO dance ’til you’re dead, and like no one’s watching (even though we will be), because that’s what EDM’s about right?

DON’T wear your old fishnets, corsets and tutu’s from your dance
classes when you were little if you can’t fit into them, this isn’t a
sight for anyone’s eyes.

DO dress in comfy shoes or gogo boots with a wide heel, we’re not
at a club so leave the stilletos on the rack. There is real dancing to
be had. 

DON’T be that sweaty person in the crowd drenching others with
your bodily fluids. If that’s your thing, please at least wear

DO check out a DJ you’ve never heard of before, they wouldn’t have booked ’em if there wasn’t something amazing about them.