Things not to try at home, or at Beats Antique

Over at the Cosmic Meadow, it was a chill, sit-down crowd on one of the Speedway’s sole tracts of grass for Beats Antique. Well, sit-down for anyone other than the GreenMan-esque dancers on trampolines.

That’s all well and good for the pros to flip around, but during their last song, Beats brought up the winners of a video contest to dance on stage.

Everyone was wearing animal heads, including a girl in a flamingo hat who nearly knocked us over in line to get in. Of course, everyone who’s ever tried to corall a crew for a group costume knows there’s always one who just doesn’t get it. They had one poor girl in a mesh top was wearing a luchadore mask. We were embarrassed for her.

As Beats wrapped their set, one of their dancers, in a tie-dye blazer and a goat head (it … it actually could have been a Jar Jar Binks head — we didn’t get a great look) decided to make use of the trampoline and nearly shattered his own spine. Twice. It only took security two steps to make their point, though, and his tenure as an unofficial Antique came to an end.