Top 10 favorite random moments at EDC on Friday (in no particular order)

1. Old guy in capris rocking out to live electronic band Royskopp. Pretty sure he was dancing with your mom.
2. Girl singing along to dubstep. It sounded like this: “Woo, Woooo. Wuhwuhwuhwuh. Woo. Woo.”
3. The batmobile, nay, batcycle.
4. Seeing real EDM fans rocking out at the side stages because they know what’s up.
5. Amadeus wig guy at the Cosmic Meadow stage. Yeah, you.
6. That pleasant feeling in my bathing suit area from Plastikman’s bass.
7. The clearing of my allergies thanks to the smell o’ Vicks in the air.
8. Glowing penis accessories.
9. Best quote of the night: “People think I just forget faces, but I really forget faces because I smoke drugs!”  A man named Nigel (possibly a DJ I don’t recognize because he was wearing a wig and unicorn shirt). Kudos for staying in character, whomever you are.
10. Fishmobile doing laps around the racetrack blasting music