Skrillex takes over

If EDC day two had a buzzword it was definitely Skrillex, the DJ moniker for 23-year-old Sonny Moore. Skrillex is the dubstep sensation that has helped land the genre in most mainstream DJ’s sets in one way or another. Skrillex was given a shout out by no less than three DJs on EDC’s main stage, Kinetic Field, including Martin Solveig, Afrojack and Benny Benassi who played the young DJs remix of his hit “Cinema.” It seems many DJs can’t get enough of the kid associated closely with Deadmau5 and his Mau5trap Records. Nearly all the DJs included dubstep break downs in their sets, even traditionally mainstream DJs such as Benassi. 

For his part Skrillex’s 3 a.m. set at the Neon Garden stage saw one of the biggest crowds outside the main stage. Afrojack, who has a new single with Skrillex, was quick to make a cameo, saying Skrillex’s sea of people was just as big as his own crowd, or the mass that cheered for David Guetta. The kids, however, are always the earliest adopters — and judging by Skrillex’s young crowd he’s one of electronic music’s next big stars. Skrillex’s set included his signature bass heavy remixes and some old school surprises. Biz Markie and Ludacris’s “Move Bitch” got the Skrillex treatment. He also debuted a new single for the eager crowd.  

With huge names lining up to collaborate with Skrillex, including superstar producer Diplo, the young star is the man to be in electronic music. Even his fellow DJs just can’t get enough.