Top 10 favorite random moments at EDC on Saturday (in no particular order)

1. Water bottle refill guy decorating his station with glow sticks.
2. Girls who wear more than pasties.
3. Boys in tutus.
4. A crowd ful of of air piano hands playing along during Hardwell’s set.
5. LED medic shirts that pulsate to the music.
6. Swapping nightmare DJ interview stories with Mrs. Smith of Mr. &
Mrs. Smith, aka Mrs. Christopher Lawrence, aka Sara Finlayson.
7. Watching Insomniac Events founder Pasquale Rotella’s mom rock out on the Kinetic Field stage (she looked so proud of him!).
8. Sydney Sampson dropping Mumford & Son’s “Little Lion Man.”
9. Sexy bunny performers… wearing gas masks.
10. Green Velvet’s smile.

Heck, let’s add a few more…

11. Meeting my future ex-husband, a half-naked man with “Touch Me” written across his chest.

12. Running into my other future ex-husband again, Nigel Ficke, who made an appearance on Friday’s top 10 list. Maybe it’s the pasties… or the fake moustache. He’s got it goin’ on.