Double the pleasure, double the fun

EC Twins make 'em stop in their tracks on day 3 of EDC

Marc Blackham looks like he wants to climb atop the monitor in the worst way. Hesitant, he grabs a handful of glowsticks and shirts to throw off the Cosmic Meadow stage instead.

As the first stage upon entering the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, day three of Insomniac’s Electric Daisy Carnival kicked into gear with Blackham and his twin brother Allister—better known as The EC Twins. Attendees look a bit weary on the way in, but get over it as soon as they hear the beats. We caught up with the Twins after their second EDC set.

Did you approach your set differently than when you play in a Vegas nightclub?

Marc: We were louder! (laughing) I don’t think it changed for the festival. You can play a bit more up front, but with our set time, you have to get them when they walk in—

Allister: So our sound didn’t change.

Marc: We were really, really happy to be on the lineup. Being on the Heineken Dome [Saturday night], and being opening, it’s sort of the same…. When we walked into the Dome there was maybe 15 people and then it filled up… They were both tactical sets.

Allister: We’ve played Nocturnal, Ultra and Coachella, but I think for electronic dance music DJs, [EDC] is the pinnacle.

Marc: A lot of the crowd that came into the Dome were our fans.

What’s been the best part for you two from the stage?
Marc: I think [playing our new track] “Resurrection” was the highlight of the night… Paul Oakenfold signed it to Perfecto and he’ll probably play it [during his set]. (He did.)… Hopefully that’ll propel us to the main stage next year.