Robbie Rivera … and Tommy Lee?

The DJ/producer gives Seven the exclusive backstage at EDC

Things just got Juicy at Electric Daisy Carnival. DJ/producer Robbie Rivera on the Cosmic Meadow stage had the crowd going — and then spilled the beans on his upcoming project backstage.

What’s your impression of EDC Vegas?

Robbie Rivera: I’ve never been to the one in Los Angeles, actually. This is the first time I’ve been to EDC. I’m shocked. This is amazing! It’s cool because for a DJ, you get to play at a big stage everywhere.

How did you switch up your set for the EDC crowd?

Rivera: Most of the times when I do festivals, I tend to lay a mix of tracks people know, but today I didn’t care. I’m gonna do the same thing I do everywhere … I know at a lot of festivals people go really hard and bang it out, but that’s why I play some vocals. Ninety percent of the set was my own music. I took a risk and it worked out perfectly.

Any hints as to what’s next for you production-wise?

Rivera: My next single is called “In the Morning” with Wynter Gordon … then I’m releasing [an artist album], Dance or Die in four parts. The first one should be out in three weeks. I don’t know if it’s going to be “volume” or “sessions,” but each will have four tracks at a time. We have another one with Tommy Lee and Aero and one with Ultra Naté … (laughing) It’s gonna be all Robbie in your face for the next five months hopefully.