Top 10 favorite random moments at EDC on Sunday

In no particular order

1. Dash Berlin’s paper plate frisbees adorned in logo

2. “Emma Hewitt, I’m Waiting” a hopeful male fan’s homemade shirt.

3. Paul Oakenfold playing a custom track just for the festival: “You’re rocking with the best! EDC Las Vegas!” 

4. Avicii’s balls (giant beach balls, that is).

5. The nice stagehand from South Carolina who gave me water even though it was only from production staff.

6. Eddie Halliwell closing out the Cosmic Meadow (even though the sound kept going out. The speakers must have been tired).

7. Finding the reggae ice cream truck!

8. The spider ride thingy from Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch (allegedly).

9. Flaming paratroopers! (Flaming as in literally on fire, not rainbows and a snappy fashion sense).

10. Sleeeeeeep after three days of a successful EDC.