Cupcakes: Now with booze

Last week, I attended a cupcake tasting at Artifice hosted by the beautiful women from Pick Your Poison Bake Shop. Their concept takes the cupcake craze to its next logical step—take a delicious cupcake, and then infuse it with alcohol. It’s like a Jell-o shot, but tastier, more fun and not as likely at a high school party. These gals also have some delicacies infused with soda and juice.

The Bake Shop is run by Taryn Mumpower—who yes, has the coolest name for either a baker or a female superhero in Las Vegas—and Robyn Holt. Mumpower is the baker, a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu and Holt has an MBA (and is also the more vocal of the two at the parties). They both have that kind of rockabilly/indie girl look, which makes them even more charming in their matching throwback suburban uniforms.

As for the cupcakes, they’re really tasty. Easily the best of the bunch is the Margarita, June’s flavor of the month. Nothing sounded worse to me on the menu than a tequila-infused limey cupcake, but this thing popped in my mouth with flavors as bold as any I’ve had cupcake-wise. It tasted like a badass key lime pie in a mouthful bite.

The beauty of it is that it left me wanting more, though I know it was just the right size. The ladies offer two sizes of cupcake: “Shots” – one-bite wonders, and “Cocktails” – big bakery-sized beasts. These are so rich that in this case, smaller is the way to go as you can sample more flavors happily and not feel like you are overdoing it.

Other delectable gems included the Guinness cupcake that was almost like a malted milk ball (and is topped with one), the drunken pineapple and the strawberry champagne. Those who don’t touch alcohol might want to try the banana chip or the PB&J.

As the ladies of Pick Your Poison Las Vegas keep rolling out new flavors, I’ll try to taste them all. Sometimes this job is tough, but people, I’m here for you.

Jason Harris is a local stand-up comedian.