The Straight and Narrow

For the last several years, hair-relaxing treatments have been all the rage. But beyond the salon it’s important to continue to care for your investment with the right products. Yuko Hair Straightening System, the Japanese company that pioneered the art of getting follicles to calm down, also offers a stellar line of at-home care to keep your tresses in tip-top shape. Try the Bella Conditioner, which contains collagen and moisturizes damaged hair with jojoba oil and keratin protein. And if you’re in search of the hottest thing to get rid of frizz, try its new in-salon anti-frizz system, which takes only 90 minutes and lasts three months. Conditioner, $16; Anti-Frizz treatment, $250;

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Michelle DiMauro and Heather Soto

My Object of Affection

Michelle DiMauro and Heather Soto

Our most prized possession is this bar we bought from Retro Vegas. It’s the first piece we purchased for our new downtown studio when we moved in last year. It’s where we brainstorm design concepts, celebrate when we get a fantastic new project and have drinks with clients, friends and neighbors. We love the mix of gold vinyl, rhinestone tufting and the antique mirror on top. Plus, owning a small business can be stressful and challenging. Having a cocktail helps to alleviate some of that pain.