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Remember those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books that you read in 6th grade? The ones that didn’t feel like reading because you got to be a part of the action by choosing what happens next?

Photographers Ryan Reason and Jennifer Maupin have brought that interactive concept to their monthlong show at LeMur Gallery in the Arts Factory, the aptly titled Choose Your Own Adventure. The 14 photographs (seven by each artist) tell 14 different stories: There’s the All-American zombie family at breakfast; the tattooed ingénue tied to train tracks; the leather-clad mistress waiting to strike; and the mascara-tear-stained owl-girl.

What’s made owl-girl sad? Will the ingénue escape? Who is the mistress’ next victim? How did the family become zombies? It’s all up for you to decide. Under each photo hangs a clipboard with a pen, and the viewer is invited to title the image according to what they think is happening.

It’s a way to slow viewers down so that they really examine the art and take time to think about it, Reason explains. This playful form of crowd-sourcing also shows the photographers’ new interpretations of their own work.

Choose Your Own Adventure by Jennifer Maupin and Ryan Reason at LeMur Gallery on the second floor of the Arts Factory (107 E. Charleston Blvd., Suite 245). Preview Thursday and First Friday 6-9 p.m., free admission. Each photograph is $250, including fram, and will be signed upon purchase.