Get Out

Décor for enjoying the great outdoors

1. Kettal Outdoor Dining Chair

From the Maia collection, wicker-inspired outside seating made of aluminum. $1,405, available at

2. Soji Solar Modern Lantern in Pearl

This solar-powered chandelier turns itself on at dusk. $40, available at

3. Curacao Bed & Ottoman

Inspired by the yin-yang, this lounger puts a chic twist on outdoor reclining. $1,470, available at Zuo Outdoor,

4. Coca-Cola Drink Cooler

Modeled after a dispenser from the 1930s, this piece adds a dash of nostalgia to summer gatherings. $800, available at

5. Granite Firepit Table

Forty-two-inch table with lazy Susan top. $1,200, available at

6. Fatboy Flowerpowersol

Designed by Marimekko, this umbrella livens up a backyard party. $400, available at Unicahome, 616-9280,

7. Fatboy Knapsack

Create a picnic anywhere with a foldable blanket in classic gingham. $150, available at Unicahome, 616-9280,

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