Long Walk to the Altar: An Update

Laura Brunett and Joseph Crist thought they had their entire 2,500-mile route mapped out when they began walking in mid-April from Canton, Mich., to Las Vegas for their Sept. 24 wedding at Lake Mead (Vegas Seven, May 5). It should come as no surprise that there have been some surprises along the way.

When the couple got to Lyons, Kan., at the end of June, Brunett was overwhelmed by the humidity and triple-digit heat, and she and Crist wound up taking a bus to Colorado.

“It was probably the smart thing to do,” Crist says. “I think we probably would have died.”

After spending Independence Day weekend at Lake Pueblo (Colo.) State Park, the couple is refreshed and ready for the rest of the walk. Their original plan had them walking through Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico. Instead, they’ll cross the cooler climes of Colorado and Utah.

“We can’t really plan this out step by step,” Crist says. “That’s not how a relationship works. You can’t plan everything out. So the fact that we have had [obstacles], you just take it as it comes and you work together and you compromise. It’s definitely helping us in that aspect.”

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