Night on Black Mountain

The valley got its fireworks a day early this year, as a thunderstorm rocked the sky on July 3. The storm knocked the power out at Cashman Field, briefly turned Henderson roads into rivers and, here, seemed to reach out to make contact with the television towers in the McCullough Mountains. The next morning, our flag was still there.

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Party of a Lifetime—for Now!

National Newsroom

Party of a Lifetime—for Now!

By Emily Witt, The New York Observer

Dana Karwas had two images in mind as she set about planning her 30th birthday party. It was to be the first grand celebration of her life. One image was the scene at the end of Fellini’s 8½, when a small brass band does a brief march on an Italian beach. Another was a persistent daydream about holding her friends hostage. “I really wanted to kidnap some people and take them out to Coney Island,” she said.