Perez Hilton and Criss Angel kiss and make up

Apparently Perez Hilton and Criss Angel have kissed and made up. On July 1, Hilton hosted at The Bank, where Angel had a table. The two were spotted chatting and posing for pictures together. Unless this is all a long con on Angel’s part to lure Hilton into participating in an illusion, wherein the Mindfreak will levitate the blogger on top of the Luxor—then leave him there.

Dave Attell may not entirely understand the concept of “permission.” On stage July 3 at the Pearl, he asked an off-stage Sasha Grey, “Sasha, you mind if I tell them you’re here?”

Gary Busey celebrated his birthday July 2 at Blush by staying sober and not doing anything crazy. What a tragic waste.

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