Richard Brandon Alexander

Marketing team member, Angel Management Group; founder, Down & Derby, age 26.

What he’s wearing now: Gray BDG tank top, Navajo turquoise ring (passed down from his great-grandfather), lots of vintage rings from all over, a Navajo feather earring, Dark + Dawn bracelet, handmade bracelets from Chile, Mexico and Hawaii, Levi’s cutoffs and TOMS in denim.

Style icon: pro snowboarder Mark Thompson.

Alexander works in nightlife but prefers the simple life, and it shows in the way he dresses. “I like slim-fitting trousers and big shirts, earthy colors with no patterns or stripes. And I am always wearing TOMS,” he says. And while basic is best when it comes to clothing, don’t ask him to leave home without a smile. “My lucky accessory is a cheap, bright-colored bracelet with a smiley-face clasp. I have it on me at all times. Sometimes on my wrist or sometimes on my pants. It’s important to me and a constant reminder of someone very special.”

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