Rihanna ready for the Octagon

You’d think Rihanna would be a little gun-shy about hanging out with guys who throw punches for a living, but either she’s one tough-ass broad or she’s cagily recruiting muscle for the next time Chris Brown comes a-callin’. She’s like a cagey Batman villain with an extensive wardrobe and a record deal.

After her show July 2 at Mandalay Bay Events Center, Ri-Ri was hosting at Club Nikki when UFC fighter Dominick Cruz came in to celebrate defending his bantamweight title. He stopped by her table to say hello, and Rihanna congratulated him on the fight. So Cruz let her hold his belt. Oh, snap—now who’s the tough guy going to step to her when she’s got the champ standing right there?

Rihanna and Cruz were joined by Travis Barker, who’d been partying at the next table to check out Mix Master Mike. Ri, dancing with the fella that brung her, stuck to drinking Ace of Spades. That should keep Jay-Z happy.

On July 1, Rihanna was over at Marquee Dayclub where she was in a bikini eating a bacon cheeseburger. So, just to recap: bacon cheeseburger plus bikini plus hanging out with UFC fighters plus completely loaded. It’s like she’s deliberately running down every dude in America’s “fantasy girlfriend” checklist.

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