A Titanic dinner sets sail

It is safe to say that the inaugural RMS Titanic-themed dinner party at Bernard’s Bistro did not sink on its June 23 maiden voyage. In fact, the charmingly decked out dining roomful of local patrons—many dressed in elaborate Victorian hats—were delivered safely through their menus.

Dinner du Titanic, which continues on Thursdays through July (in the Village at Lake Las Vegas, 565-1155), begins at 7 p.m. with a champagne welcome. From there, three ($45) or five ($65) courses stretch out before the adventurous diner. On a warm night, begin with a tangy chilled gazpacho, then the signature Titanic salad of endive, walnuts, grilled pear and salty cheese. After the raspberry and champagne sorbet, choose from seven entrées including lobster thermidor, chateaubriand, duck breast and a filet topped with foie gras. Dessert highlights include crème brûlée and a fluffy coffee or raspberry mascarpone mousse.

This is not to say everything was smooth sailing. Almost as if Poseidon himself had gotten the memo about this fate-tempting dinner, the restaurant’s air conditioner ran afoul of its parts and could not be repaired before dinner. An encounter with that most famous of icebergs sure sounded pretty good right then. But thanks to the vocal and piano stylings of LeNae Huff, the crowd hardly noticed this minor calamity. Staff assures that future Titanic dinners wouldn’t be so affected. Meanwhile, here’s looking around for some wood to knock on.