Main Event Day 1D: Spider-Man, big records, perma-bans and 6,865

“At least the Playboy model got the phrase right,” snarked one of my Dutch colleagues. “The football player totally fucked it up last year.”

The football player he was referring to was the Dallas Cowboys’ Emmit Smith, who botched last year’s “Shuffle up and deal” (aka SUAD) honors. If you don’t know, every day at the WSOP a celebrity guest or poker icon gets to utter the infamous phrase for SUAD. It’s sort of like dignitaries getting to ring the bell at the New York Stock Exchange.

On Day 1D of this year’s Main Event, the suits opted for the blonde with
big tits. Why? Boobs sell everything, besides we had a “big theme” going on for Day 1D. The final and fourth opening flight of the WSOP featured 2,809 contestants — which tied for the most number of WSOP entrants for a single day of play — and the overall numbers flirted with 7,000.
Once you see the rest of the numbers across the board, you’ll understand what I’m talking about regarding big tits and big numbers.

Then again, all themes aside, big tits are big tits no matter how you cut them.

The bottom line is this — the 2011 WSOP was the biggest and baddest and most boobular in the history of poker. Sure, it sounds like a little PR spin, but the numbers don’t lie. According to a WSOP press release:

“Total WSOP participation is up 8.5 percent, with 68,807 entrants lifting the prize pool 8.4 percent over 2010 levels and establishing a new milestone of $127,468,010 heading into the Main Event.”

(entire) 2011 WSOP had the most number of participants since the
inception of the WSOP. The record-setting numbers in excess of $127 million made WSOP big wig Ty Stewart so giddy, he almost climbed up to the rafters and shouted, “I’m the KING of the world!!”

Not exactly. But 20 minutes before cards went into the air, Ty nearly hopped over the rail of the pressbox to express his immense pleasure about this year’s records along with a Main Event number that had a shot at passing the 7,000-mark for only the third time ever (2006 and 2010).
The WSOP almost passed that mark without the benefit of PokerStars and Full Tilt feeding them players. The WSOP was not reliant upon the online poker industry and Ty wanted everyone to know that they were bulletproof.

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