Cirque du Soleil performers heading to Comic-Con

Every summer, San Diego is beset by a plague of cape-wearing, Dr. Who-loving, George Lucas-embittered nerds. Cirque du Soleil decided it needed to get in on some of that sweet, sweet geek action. will set up shop across from Comic-Con at Petco Park during opening night, and perform a piece that will include 3-D projections on the stadium façade. The poor, poor women of . They have no idea what they’re in for.

Wayne Gretzky was at Tao on July 9 to celebrate son Ty’s 21st birthday. The younger Gretzky, along with his sister Paulina hung out in the club until 3 a.m. In a perfect world, Gretzky would’ve sent Marty McSorley to be Ty’s personal bouncer at their table. If you didn’t get that, ask a Canadian to explain it.

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Rihanna ready for the Octagon


Rihanna ready for the Octagon

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You’d think Rihanna would be a little gun-shy about hanging out with guys who throw punches for a living, but either she’s one tough-ass broad or she’s cagily recruiting muscle for the next time Chris Brown comes a-callin’. She’s like a cagey Batman villain with an extensive wardrobe and a record deal.