Cool Tips for Hot Dogs (Hold the Mustard)

Every summer, I see multiple cases of canine heat exhaustion. These cases are especially disturbing because they are so easily prevented. Remember, dogs cool themselves by panting—they can’t sweat. Here are six ways to minimize the risk of heat stroke:

1. Never cage animals outdoors without adequate shade or water, and when the mercury really rises, keep pets indoors.

2. Don’t leave animals in closed compartments exposed to the oven effect of the sun.

3. Don’t exercise your pets when it’s hot; walk dogs early in the morning and after sundown, when it’s coolest.

4. Don’t leave pets outside for prolonged periods of time. If you must, a wading pool may be helpful.

5. Always have fresh water available for all pets.

6. Remember that hot sidewalks and pavement will blister an animal’s pads.

Dr. Ceballos is a veterinarian at Sunridge Animal Hospital in Henderson.

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