T, Vanilla best ice friends forever

The best part about finding out that Ice-T and Vanilla Ice hung out at Gallery together is picturing Ice Cube reading the news and then getting really sad. Aw, no one likes to be excluded. Not even The N—we’re not even going to attempt to pull it off—You Love to Hate.

They both turned up at the Planet Hollywood club July 8. When “Ice Ice Baby” came out and Ice-T was still hard, you just assumed the only way those two would end up in the same room together was if a bunch of Crips kidnapped Vanilla and delivered him like a birthday present to T so everyone could play a spirited round of “Make Vanilla Dance, with Bullets.”

They were in town for the start of Bullrun USA 2011, the MTV-affiliated rally race that started from the Fremont Street Experience earlier in the day. So this is where Ice-T’s career is now. He’s doing appearances with Vanilla Ice and starring in a reality show. There has to be a part of him that stays up late at night when no one else is around watching New Jack City for the thousandth time and sheds a single tear, right?

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