Tiffany Rose Bosman

Director of advertising, N9NE Group; age 26

“My most prized possession is a Zenith Tube Radio/Record Player, Model 5R086 ZR, from 1946 that I found in my grandmother’s attic. I grew up in her house in Detroit, and as a little girl I always wanted to go into the attic but I was never allowed to. She lived in the house since the 1950s, and the attic hadn’t been opened in over 30 years. This summer, my grandma moved and I went back to clean out the house. I finally got to open the attic! The first thing I saw was this record player/radio. Besides the obvious cool factor, I love it because I found it in the attic that I had fantasized about since I was a child. The record player part doesn’t work right now but the radio does.”