Ultimate Kobe “Stacked” Burger at Stack

This burger doesn’t mess around. It starts with 10 ounces of American Kobe beef, ground to spec for Light Group restaurants. The patty is seasoned with salt and pepper, then char grilled and topped with Spruce Mountain Vermont white cheddar, hand-cut breaded onion rings, butter lettuce, tomatoes and house-made Louis sauce and served on a fresh brioche sesame bun griddled with butter. Dayum, as the kids say. $29, in The Mirage, 791-7111.

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Frozen Hot Chocolate at Dunkin’ Donuts

Dishing With Grace

Frozen Hot Chocolate at Dunkin’ Donuts

After securing their grip on the East Coast with an unrivaled coffee following, Dunkin’ Donuts set out to conquer the Wild West, and thus far they’ve done a damned good job. Las Vegas, however, is hot, so menu adjustments had to be made. That’s where DD’s Frozen Hot Chocolate comes into play. It’s their rich and creamy hot chocolate chilled and blended with ice to create a cooling chocolaty treat. Non-chocolate-lovers need not apply; the rest of us may rejoice that our favorite winter beverage has found summer employment.