Main Event Day 6: House of the rising sun; NOLA’s Ryan Lenaghan leads with 57 remaining

At the start to Day 6, I jotted down a couple of potential stories that I needed to keep a keen eye on. Six seemed to be an appropriate number, so my goal was to answer all six questions by the end of the day. Here’s a bit of my notes:

Day 6 Stories

  • The last woman standing — who will it be?
  • JRB Watch – time for an implosion or will the deep run continue?
  • Can Joe Cheong become the first back-to-back November Niner?
  • When will Ben Lamb overtake Phil Hellmuth for POY standings?
  • Which “known pros” will be bagging up chips at the end of the day?
  • Will David Bach cough up the lead to Puis Heinz or Ben Lamb? Or will someone else seize the top spot?

Sometimes you get lucky and most of your questions are answered in a concise manner, especially on a rather strange Sunday in Las Vegas. How strange? Everyone went to dinner at 4:25 p.m. and had a 2-hour break. Very strange indeed. What are we playing a circuit event at the WSOP of Del Bocca
Vista? Only retirees hitting up an “Early Bird” buffet are ready to chow down at 4:30 p.m.

Me? I scurried out of the Rio and played an hour of so of Pai Gow. I wish I was hungry, but at the time, I needed to donk off a few chips while I sorted out the top six stories of the day.

* * *

Last Woman Standing

Three women entered the Octogon. Only one survived and collected Wicked Chops Poker’s special “cup” for the Last Woman Standing. At my first WSOP Main Event in 2005, Tiffany Williamson made noise during her deep run (15th place) and even got to fling around chips inside Benny’s Bullpen at the last ever glimpse of the WSOP at Downtown Las Vegas. In 2006, Sabyl Cohen went deep with a 56th place finish in the largest-ever field at the WSOP. In 2007, Maria Ho took 37th place and almost got drenched by a keg of beer from rowdy railbirds. If you read Lost Vegas, you know about the controversy surrounding Tiffany Michelle’s 17th place finish at the 2008 Main Event. In 2009, Leo Margets from Spain finished in 27th place. Last year, it wasn’t that great of year for the Ladies because no one finished in the top 3 tables. Alas, Breeze Zuckerman posted a 121st place finish, good enough for the WCP Last Woman Standing cup.

In 2011, a trio of women were still alive at the start of Day 6: Amanda Musumeci, Erika Moutinho, and Claudia Crawford. Crawford hit the rail in 85th while Musumeci waited until the final level of play before she bailed out in 62nd place. Ergo, Erika Moutinho shipped the Last Woman Standing cup.

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