Eve wraps it up

Now the only fun thing to do at Crystals at night is try to break into Cartier.

(Hah hah! Just kidding. We would never condone that sort of thing in public with so many people reading, and what do you mean, “Why are you wearing that Tom Cruise-in-Mission Impossible-style harness?” It’s, um, comfortable. Yeah, comfortable! Shut up, all right?)

Eve, the Eva Longoria-owned club upstairs from her second Beso restaurant installation, closed as of July 12. Staff was notified at noon that day.

“We had a beautiful one-and-a-half-year run here,” says director of operations Roy Saunders. “It’s tough economic times right now.”

A statement from the club’s spokeswomen wouldn’t say how many employees lost jobs as a result of the closure. They just referred to a statement: “Beso Restaurant continues to thrive, and at this time Eve Nightclub will remain open for special occasions and private events during a slight remodel.”

In this case, speculation about the “slight remodel” centers around renovations that were ongoing to the club that opened January 2010, and that plans for the space included finding a third-party operator to run the club in the future.

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