Hip to be square

The Kentucky Derby is renowned for organic displays of personal style but while attending last spring, I observed something was missing in almost every outfit. Although the male guests were wearing beautiful suits and sport coats by designers such as Zegna and Brioni, many had simply neglected to add what I consider of late to be the “it” accessory to their wardrobe—the pocket square. I wondered, “Why would someone overlook such an easy way to express their personality and style?” With this question in mind, I have created a basic guide to making the pocket square a part of your everyday wardrobe.

First, there are two folding options:

1. The puff. To create this look, simply lay the square flat with corners horizontal, then pinch the middle and pick it up. As you grab it, tuck the sides in and gently gather it closed. Roll the top of the square in the direction of the arrow and lift the bottom points up and place in the jacket.

2. The Reagan fold. This option works best with cotton and linen fabrics. Lay square flat and fold until it forms a perfect square. Then, insert it into the jacket pocket with a quarter-inch exposed.

Lastly, what type of pocket square do you wear? A liberal mindset is the only thing you need to determine that. It can either match a color in the suit or sport coat or match something in the tie. If you have swagger, you can match it to your socks or go bold and pick contrasting colors. Just remember, skipping this wardrobe essential could leave your look unfinished.

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