Rare 120 closes its doors at Hard Rock

Eve wasn’t the only casualty in the last couple of weeks. Hard Rock Hotel steak house Rare 120 saw its last day on July 10, and apparently operator Dolce Group wasn’t thrilled about that. Dolce filed a suit against the hotel claiming, among other nefarious initiatives, that the Hard Rock conspired to lower the restaurant’s meat quality and decrease wine inventory, cut comps and failed to promote the restaurant, refusing to allow it to stay open late, closing it on Mondays, slashing staff numbers and, on the last night of operation, “swept through the restaurant to clear out all the food, leaving only a few remaining items on the menu to offer guests.”

Seth Rogen has been in town to film My Mother’s Curse along with Lorne Michaels. The SNL boss was spotted at The Beatles Love on July 14, crowing about all the Emmy nods his shows got. Rogen went more low-key, swapping work stories with four buddies at Holsteins inside the Cosmopolitan.

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T, Vanilla best ice friends forever


T, Vanilla best ice friends forever

By Jason Scavone

The best part about finding out that Ice-T and Vanilla Ice hung out at Gallery together is picturing Ice Cube reading the news and then getting really sad. Aw, no one likes to be excluded. Not even The N—we’re not even going to attempt to pull it off—You Love to Hate.