The reality of the Las Vegas shopping scene

As reported by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, popular U.K. retailer Topshop is opening its third U.S. location in Las Vegas at Fashion Show in 2012, after the opening of its second in Chicago this fall. The first U.S. Topshop opened in New York City in 2009.

Having Topshop in Las Vegas is fantastic news for the stylish shopping scene of my dazzling, neon home. However, when reading the R-J article, one can’t help but absorb a nervous energy emitted from the piece. Can Topshop survive in a bargain-loving, H&M-shopping Las Vegas market? Will locals be able to wrap their heads around Topshop, with its higher prices and bolder designs? Is opening a Topshop here a good idea? I have only one answer to all these questions – a highly intelligent, expressive one: DUH!

Of course Topshop will flourish in Las Vegas! Yes, the local shopping scene will appreciate the addition, even if the prices are higher than H&M’s. Here is what the RJ fails to understand about its neighbors: first, there are not simply two categories of shoppers in Las Vegas as the R-J would have you to believe – Prada shoppers versus H&M shoppers. That is a ridiculous notion that insults the reality of the Las Vegas shopping scene.

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