Seared Sea Scallops at Vintner Grill

Executive chef Matthew Silverman has a way with marine bivalves. For his seared sea scallop entrée, Silverman uses fresh U-10 Diver scallops from Portland, Maine. They are crusted in coriander seed and black pepper, and then pan-roasted with olive oil to give them a good sear. They are finished with a little butter, fresh herbs and dried arbol chilies. But what happens after that changes with the seasons. “During the winter time, I like to do a risotto with them, sometimes using butternut squash,” Silverman says. “Currently we are serving them with a Moroccan sweet potato hash, fennel, harrisa, honey and a blood orange beurre blanc.” $29, 10100 W. Charleston Blvd., Suite 150, 214-5590.