Seven reasons I’m leaving Facebook for Google+

1. Circles. It’s the best way to organize your friends. You can send status updates to certain circles. Finally you can do a status update on how horny you are, without your co-workers and bosses knowing.

2. Hangouts.  This is group video chat.  It has 86 percent fewer penises than

3. Sparks. It’s a RSS feed of interests you can share with other people. I finally can share my passion for Mimi Miyagi with other fans in the world.

4. +1. It’s similar to Facebook’s Like button. Say one of your friends hits +1 on a story about Mimi Miyagi. Next time you do a Google search about Mimi Miyagi, Google will pull up the story your friend “plus-oned” in the search results.

5. Huddle.  It’s group chat for your phone. Nothing funny about that.

6. Google Account. I use Gmail, Calendar, Maps, Docs and YouTube. It makes sense for me to have everything I use in one account.

7. It’s not Facebook. Since it’s still in beta, I don’t receive updates that so-and-so’s FarmVille puppy is hungry