Best Bar Trend

“House-made” is the buzzword behind the wood at any cocktail bar worth its salt these days. From house-smoked ice and house-made tonic water to house-infused spirits and house-made grenadine, bartenders are rolling up their sleeves (and slapping twee garters on them) and getting down in their kitchen laboratories to put a little bit of their blood, sweat and tears into your cocktails—although not literally, of course. Bartenders Dustin Drankiewicz and Nathan Greene make their own spiced-lime cordial for Vanguard’s Capri-jito. At the Cosmo, Vesper Bar’s Andrew Pollard fashioned his own ginger, hibiscus, Kaffir lime and cardamom syrup, an ode to Hum botanical liqueur creator Adam Seger, for his cocktail, The Seger. Wynn Resorts property mixologist Patricia Richards makes a delicious pineapple-sage puree for Sinatra’s margarita and Eastside Lounge’s organic Sidecar. And over at the Palazzo, Wendy Hodges uses a rosemary-chili syrup for her Spirit in Amber pisco sour at Fusion Latin Mixology Bar. That’s the spirit!