Best Comeback

The 4,100-seat Colosseum at Caesars Palace, with its state-of-the-art acoustics and its famous humidity controls, was built in 2003 to house the singular economic engine known as Celine Dion. It worked fabulously. Legends Elton John, Bette Midler and Cher followed suit, signing on for long-term residencies. Blame it on the economy or the effects of divadom, but as their contracts expired, star after star chose not to renew. Midler and John even badmouthed their Vegas experience to the media. For a while, this fantastic venue seemed like the pretty girl that, inexplicably, nobody wanted to date. Then Dion made a triumphant return in March. As the casino plastered the joyous refrain “Celine’s Back” across the city, other stars heeded the call of the comeback. Shania Twain, Rod Stewart and even the irascible “Rocketman” have signed up for Round 2 of the Colosseum’s reign.