Best Golf Doctor

Your golf game is a mess. You know it, your playing partners know it and lord knows the groups behind you know it. Our advice? Put down the clubs, pick up the phone and call Mike Davis. For more than two decades, the former PGA Tour player has been healing the golf games of professionals and amateurs alike—about 45,000 of them, he estimates. His list of patients includes former pro Peter Jacobsen (who also happens to be Davis’ brother-in-law) and former UNLV golfer Andres Gonzales, who recently joined the Tour. Another recent success story: Eighteen months after hooking up with Davis, a man who hadn’t played for 30 years and couldn’t break 90 was down to a zero handicap! One word of warning: Davis, who works locally for Walters Golf, doesn’t come cheap. Private lessons are $125 per hour; playing lessons (for 18 holes) are $550. But think of all the money you’ll save on lost balls and clubs thrown into the lake.