Best Hosts With the Most

Catherine and Jose-Luis Pawelek have a pretty good thing going. They love each other, they work well together and they travel well together. The result is their warm, inviting neighborhood restaurant, Elements Kitchen & Martini Bar. Here, Jose-Luis doles out comforting worldly dishes such as N’awlins Jambalaya, Penne Aurora and Chicken Jakarta. The pair collaborated on a cocktail list of 405 martinis, many inspired by their travels. Catherine makes a healthful alternative dessert menu using natural sweeteners (apple juice, agave syrup) as well as the truffles and mini biscotti she lavishes on guests after dinner along with her charming attentions. Loyal guests leave their cocktail glasses at the bar on shelves; first-timers inevitably tell friends of the genuine home-like atmosphere this pair has created. 4950 S. Rainbow Blvd., 750-2991,