Best Moves

Ornella Contu, executive director of Digital Music Inc., is contracted by Light Group to work with and coordinate the dancers for its Mirage and Aria venues. Basically, she is tasked with keeping the entertainment roster stocked with sexy, talented people. Nightlife surrounds Contu; she and husband Luca Pretolesi (a.k.a. DJ Digitalboy) owned a nightclub together in Italy 10 years ago. An alumna since then of Studio 54, Revolution, Jet and Bank before landing at Haze, Contu is the wizard behind the curtain, coordinating Ibiza’s Gore dance troupe (who vogue so prettily on the dance floor) as well as the aerialist on silks, a synchronized pole-work group, female balancing act and other high-energy dancers. She dictates those ever-changing costumes and ensures that the dancers hit their marks. Before doors open each night, Contu rehearses her acts, compares notes with the lighting operator and DJ, and uses a laser pointer to move staff seamlessly from place to place. Somebody has to keep the nightlife crazy train on track.