Best Nerd Mating Habitat

If you’ve had enough of girls in heels as high as their skirts are short, of tan dudes with tons of hair gel and even more bravado, of overplayed house remixes of songs that were bad to begin with, perhaps you need a dose of nerd. Enter Insert Coin(s), downtown’s ’80s-heavy video-game nightclub for those who believe (sometimes rightly so) that bragging about “kill screens” will get them laid. Here, surrounded by row upon row of arcade classics equipped with drink-holders, a huge bar beckons while Run-DMC booms. Bartenders, taking fashion cues from Abby on NCIS, pour drinks fast and strong, while guests can rent almost any “console” (PlayStation 2, Xbox, Atari!) and make with the joystick. With a pocketful of quarters, a cold glass of beer and a sexy Suicide Girl at your side, it’s a refreshing good time. And if you’re lucky, the game will end with someone attempting to use “The Force” to remove your clothing.