Best New Bar

If you were anywhere near the Arts District a few weeks ago, you would have gotten an eyeful of exactly how Artifice is making a name for itself with the hipster party set as attendees of the Bike Prom rolled up to 1025 First St. in their frilly and formal pedal gear for the inherently irreverent event. What you see is what you get—a comfortable, inviting, artsy-but-unpretentious live-music venue in a vintage Vegas warehouse with lots of old-school caché. Artifice also boasts a live-music space, two lounges, a wrap-around bar and a cozy little semi-private nook for cozy little semi-private meetings. Early on in the evening, the atmosphere is mellow, but as the hour grows late, the party picks up speed dramatically with DJs spinning, bands playing and conversations flowing like booze.