Best New Game in Town

Aside from perhaps baccarat, is there a more difficult casino game for newbies to try and master than craps? Pass/Don’t Pass, Come/Don’t Come—what exactly are we wagering on here? And with the dealers doling out and raking in chips at breakneck speed, the game can be quite intimidating. Which is why we recommend a trip to Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall & Saloon, the only local establishment offering Rapid Craps, a sort of hybrid of live and virtual craps. Instead of four casino employees surrounding the table eager to take your money, a single live dealer controls the game that’s played on an electro-mechanical table. Like “real” craps, players throw actual dice, but all monetary transactions are handled electronically via credits (a la video poker and slots). One advantage: No mental math required when it comes to calculating odds. Also, the machine tracks stats (for instance, how often “7s” or “Hard 8s” hit). And because the table accommodates as many as 14 players, there’s plenty of room for a hot shooter.