Best New Show

Imagine falling down a rabbit hole, where the titillations of a Vegas show twisted into the absinthe-fueled dream of an Eastern European prince squandering his inheritance on the most opulent diversions the early 20th century could offer. That’s Absinthe, the new show that has set up shop in the time-bending luxury of a wood-and-mirror Spiegeltent outside Caesars Palace.

The performance is both heart-pounding and hilarious, with a wiseass circus ringmaster, The Gazillionaire, and his innocently debased assistant, Penny, guiding (and cajoling and teasing) the audience through a series of acrobatic variety acts. There’s a high-wire act, arm balancing galore, some burlesque and lots of room-heating eroticism. And rising starlet Angel Porrino does a sweet tap dance balloon routine. Our favorite? The Skating Aratas, who exhibit the sexiest and scariest use of roller skates we’ve ever seen—stay seated or you’ll get kicked in the face!