Best New Vegas Ambassador

Matthew Gray Gubler’s family has been prominent here for generations. He graduated from the Las Vegas Academy of International Studies, Visual and Performing Arts. He styles along the city streets in a vintage Mercedes-Benz diesel station wagon. He’s worked with Bill Murray and Wes Anderson. He co-stars in (and has directed two episodes of) the thinky TV drama Criminal Minds as an FBI profiling nerd. And he’s almost as likely to be found scribbling in a notebook at his neighborhood coffeehouse as he is rubbing elbows with the most interesting people in film. We even saw him taking in a band at Beauty Bar. If you still think Las Vegas’ most interesting export comes from the world of music, look deeper. Despite his model-actor pedigree, the 31-year-old Gubler is the Hollywood opposite: engaging, egalitarian, smart and sincere, a genuine Las Vegan who wears old school on his sleeve. And—as one staffer who Googled him at a recent Vegas Seven editorial meeting observed—he’s hot as hell.

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