Best New Visual Artist

If you haven’t yet experienced the geometrically intense, passionately paper-centric, OCD-grade pen-and-marker work of Philip Denker, you’re in for a treat. Denker, 32, recently moved to Las Vegas from Kansas City, Mo., and quickly established himself as one of our city’s top artists with well-received shows at Contemporary Art Center and Trifecta. Gazing at his works, you can’t help but feel drawn into a strange and wonderful realm of Scantron dreams and clock-punch-card origami. In truth, his work is indescribable, the highest compliment we can pay.

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Once upon a time, in the 1970s to be more precise, a man and woman traveled from Argentina to Las Vegas to get married. They stayed at the Stardust. The atomic-age mushroom-cloud marquee sign captivated their imagination, and they had several photographs taken with it gleaming in the background.