Best Place to Get Your First Hole-in-One

Sure, the numbers suggest that you’ve got a better chance of being hired as Tiger Woods’ swing coach and date planner than you do of hitting a hole-in-one (the research we dug up puts the odds at 13,000 to 1 for an amateur). Doesn’t mean it can’t happen, right? Heck, a woman in Billings, Mont., earlier this month had two aces in the same round (that’s a 67 million-to-1 long shot!). Your best bet for finding golf nirvana in this town: Desert Willow Golf Course, and in particular, hole No. 4. Of the 278 aces documented at the executive course since its opening, 52 (or nearly 19 percent) were recorded at this par-3. From the elevated tee box, it’s a straight 121-yard shot to the kidney-shaped green some 20 feet below. No guarantees, of course. We took 15 hacks at it in the name of research and the closest we got was 20 feet. Yeah, we missed the birdie putt, too.