Best Rendezvous Spot

No, you’re not channeling some sort of Being John Malkovich flight of fancy—there really is a floor called 1.5 inside the Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan, and good things happen there. While tourists and amateurs mill about below on Level 1, and Marquee’s VIP hosts meet their charges for the evening above on Level 2, 1.5 is the address for locals to meet up for great cocktails. Chandelier GM/property mixologist Mariena Mercer serves up delicious cocktails from the most adventurous of her three bar menus there. Ever tried a Buzz Button? (Trust us: You’d know if you had.) Comfy chair and cocktail table groupings are semi-separated by gauzy fabric, which make for great seeing and being seen—you know, the typical Strip agenda. And there’s nothing quite like getting a text from someone to meet them for a scotch at 1.5.