Best Slashie Concept

Make no mistake about it: We Las Vegans love our smokes. A 2010 study for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that more than 22 percent of adult Nevadans were cigarette smokers—only seven other states have a higher adult smoking rate. But here’s where we undoubtedly lead the pack: Unique places to get your nicotine fix. Want some cheap crap with your carton of Marlboros? Check out one of the half-dozen establishments that advertise themselves as a Smoke Shop/99 Cent store. Or maybe you need a cup of joe to go with your cancer stick (you know, kill two vices with one shot), then head over to City Blend Coffee & Smoke (8716 S. Maryland Parkway). And if you’re dying for that third lip ring (hey, maybe it can double as a cigarette holder!), the Smoke Shop & Body Jewelry at Flamingo and Pecos is for you. We’re not 100 percent certain what the motivation is behind this slashie concept (tax-related, perhaps?), but this much we do know: Only in Vegas.