Best Tweeter

Brooke Bertuzzi is a designer at R&R Partners, but she’s also one of the most entertaining and outrageous Las Vegans on Twitter (@BrookeInVegas). Her feed provides consistent comedic relief throughout the day (frankly, we wonder how she gets any work done) on a variety of subjects. There’s office humor: “The HR department called me in for a meeting this morning. My only defense is that that’s how I really eat a banana.” Relationships: “You know, fairy tales should come with a warning label: Handsome prince may eventually start acting like a toad again.” Family: “Teaching my mother how to use the computer is like teaching a dog how to ride a bike. With no handlebars. On a trampoline. In space. Stoned.” And plain old silliness: “I’m ashamed of what I’ve done for a Klondike bar.” You won’t necessarily learn anything from this Twitter addict, but she is a must-follow. Bertuzzi does comes with a warning, though: “If you’re easily offended, then I’m not the girl for you.”